Empowering every step towards sustainability, Turn It Green ignites climate literacy across all ages and sectors. Discover how our tailored challenges and courses drive meaningful action for individuals and organizations alike, shaping a greener future together.

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Our app

Live a greener tomorrow with Turn It Green, where where your actions drive the impact to save our world. Embark on a journey that not only educates but also empowers you to become an environmental hero in your community.

Personalised Challenges

Tailored to your lifestyle, these challenges make reducing your carbon footprint engaging and achievable, guiding you towards greener habits.

Climate Literacy; learn, earn and grow

From insightful blogs to exclusive interactive courses, our app not only educates users and young professionals on environmental sustainability but also rewards learning with points that can be used to access specialized content.

Gamification of Climate Literacy

Through fun, interactive games, learn about sustainability in a way that sticks, turning education into an enjoyable experience that motivates real-world action.


Connect with a global community passionate about sustainability, while businesses can leverage our platform for employee engagement and showcasing their commitment to green practices.

But wait! There is more...

Ready to make an even bigger splash?

Reducing CO₂ as individuals is a fantastic start, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Beyond our daily habbits, we can drive change in our workplaces regardless our role and seniority. Turn It Green champions comprehensive climate literacy, offering personalized courses to weave sustainability into every role. We partner with organizations for a unified sustainability strategy. Discover how below.


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What Our Beta Users Are Saying

Turn It Green's app made learning about sustainability fun and engaging. I've made changes in my daily habits because of it

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John Davis

As a company, we've seen a positive shift towards more eco-friendly practices after implementing TIG's online courses. Highly recommend!

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Michael Rodriguez

Turn It Green has been an invaluable tool for our organization. It has helped us educate our employees on sustainability and reduce our environmental impact significantly

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Lisa Evans


Commonly Asked Questions

We Have put together some commonly asked questions

When is the big launch?

Mark your calendars for April 2024! We're counting down the days until you can dive into Turn It Green. Get ready to join us on this green journey!

Why's climate literacy so important anyway?

Because knowing is half the battle! Understanding how our daily actions impact the planet empowers us to make smarter, greener choices. Plus, it's crucial for businesses to step up their game too, and we're here to help with that.

Can I really make a difference as just one person?

Absolutely! Every little action adds up, especially when we all chip in. Think of it as a team effort where each of us plays a vital role in protecting our planet. Ready to join the team?

How do will Turn It Green use my data?

Your privacy's a big deal for us. We keep your data to ourselves, except for the cool part where we share community wins, like how much CO2 we've all saved, on our socials. It's all about celebrating our collective impact!"

What if I'm a young professional in a very "rare" role, and there are no courses on my subject?

No worries, we've got you! The job landscape's changing, but we're here to guide you through the green transition. Let us know about your role and if we cannot create a course for you, we will certainly get back to you with personalised tips on how to shine!

How does Turn It Green help organizations?

We're all about getting your team fired up about sustainability! From engaging your workforce with meaningful actions to spicing up your marketing with genuine green initiatives, we've got the tools to make your business a sustainability superstar! Visit our Business section to learn more!

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